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MSDP Meeting      01 Mar 2023Host: (Oxford Brookes)MSDP meeting on Zoom

MSDP Chair
MSDP Meeting      07 Dec  2022Host:  University of Birmingham

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MSDP Meeting      06 July 2022Host: University of Northampton                                                         

The journey to Waterside 

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MSDP Meeting      02 Mar 2022Host: (Aston University/ Oxford Brookes) MSDP on Zoom 

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MSDP Meeting      01 Dec 2021Host:  University of Birmingham

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MSDP Meeting      07 July 2021Host: (Oxford Brookes)MSDP meeting on Zoom 

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MSDP Meeting      03 Mar 2021Host: (Oxford Brookes)MSDP meeting on Zoom 

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MSDP Meeting      02 Dec 2020Host (Birmingham):  MSDP meeting on Zoom 

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MSDP Meeting 09 July 2020Host: (Oxford Brookes) MSDP meeting on Zoom 

Guest: Kul Mahay: Lincoln’s BAME leadership Programme

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The Birmingham Aditi programme

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MSDP Meeting 04 March 2020Host:  Aston University 


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Welcome              to 2020MSDP Chair
MSDP Meeting 04 December 2019Host:  University of Birmingham

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MSDP Meeting 03 July 2019Host:  University of Worcester 

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 Spring update 2019 MSDP Chair
MSDP Meeting 06 March 2019Host:  Aston University

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Welcome              to 2019 MSDP Chair
MSDP Meeting           05 Dec 2018Host:  University of Birmingham

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 MSDP Meeting 05 July 2018 Host:  University of Nottingham

Post MSDP July meeting updates

Development session: Exploring reflection and reflective practice.  This session explored the field of reflective practice, encouraging us to consider how we enable others to adopt reflective practices, and how we might do this for ourselves.

 MSDP Chair 21 June  2018
MSDP Privacy Data Notice In compliance with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the following Privacy Notice for MSDP Members can now be found on the MSDP main page.MSDP Chair 15 May 2018
Spring update 2018Quick MSDP Spring update 2018MSDP Chair 4 Apr 2018
MSDP Event   7 Mar 2018 Applying LEAN in an HE context (Cycle of Service) with support from an SDF collaborative development grant. Session delivered by Christine Stewart

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MSDP Chair 21 Mar 2018
MSDP Meeting

 17 Jan 2018

MSDP Chair 21 Mar 2018
MSDP Meeting 

05 July 2017

MSDP Chair 29 June 2017
MSDP Meeting           01 Mar 2017MSDP Chair 14 Mar 2017
Welcome              to 2017MSDP Chair
10 Jan 2017
MSDP Meeting 

07 Dec 2016


MSDP Chair  17 Jan 2017
MSDP Theme  2016
Enhancing our credentials within HE
Making an effective application for HEA recognition workshop Wednesday 6th July 2016 – University of Birmingham

An SDF initiative hosted in the MSDP region

More supporting information can be found at HEA Fellowship accreditations.

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21 Apr 2016
02 Mar 2016
MSDP Meeting notes 2016 MarchMSDP Chair
15 Mar 2016
Welcome to 2016New year message from MSDP 2016MSDP Chair