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SDF Jiscmail

How to use the SDF JISCMail

This guidance seeks to inform how to join the mail base –  An electronic discussion list is a group of people who share a common interest, and who have joined a list so that they can use email to talk to one another. Belonging to a list is like sitting in on a discussion. You can join in the talk, or you can just listen.

JISCmail is a service that currently runs electronic discussion lists for UK academics and support staff. is the list set up by the Staff Development Forum for discussions on any aspect of staff development, broadly interpreted.

Join us on Jiscmail

Who can join our List:
There are three criteria to join the SDF Jiscmail.

  1. Members of the SDF – staff developers across Higher Education institutions using an institutional email address.
  2. For a posting to be eligible is that it must relate to the work and development of staff developers in Higher Education.
  3. Please note that JISCmail lists must not be used for unsolicited commercial advertising.

How to Join our List: 
Please follow our link which will take you to the SDF Registration page on Jiscmail, where you will be able to  join the SDF JISCMail. You will be asked to enter your name and email address. All messages have [SDF] automatically inserted in the subject line.

What to email our List for:
Once you have added yourself to the list you are free to send an email containing your question, comment, request, position available, CPD or other event – to, and any message that you send will be circulated to the ALL the members of the list (currently in excess of 650).

How to engage with our List:  
To respond to a message received from this list, a simple REPLY goes only to the originator of the message. If you use REPLY ALL on your response it goes to ALL those on the list.
We recommend you create an SDF folder in your inbox and a rule to manage your SDF emails and engage at your convenience.

How to Search our List: 
The link will take you to the SDF JISCMail homepage, where you will be able to see all messages exchanged so far.   You will be able to search  for your topics of interest.

How to help grow our List:
Please pass this information to any others in your institution who have a staff development role.