Day 3 – SDF’s Festival of Learning and Development 2022

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Welcome to Day 3



9.45AM – 10.45AM

Shaping the ‘new possible’ for management/leadership, smarter working and performance conversations for greater employee experience 

David Blackburn, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Synopsis: Has the great resignation brought up an opportunity for the great exploration? Whilst companies shift to fulfil the promise of meeting purpose, flexibility and fulfilment needs, how has this reorientation addressed the premise of people as the organisation’s key differentiator?

At the heart of this talk is employee experience, and the new roles of management and leadership and the arising role it could play in making a greater impact. Furthermore, I would also like to argue what the role of employee’s self-directedness is in this ‘new possible’.

This keynote covers the story so far, exploring the successes and failures taking place when organisations develop and support learning towards smarter working and performance conversations- from the beginning to where we are now. 

We’ll explore:

  • What is the role of performance conversations to support its most valuable resource?
  • How has the bar for effective management changed in a hybrid working model? 
  • How does learning ecology support your people’s personal and professional renaissance? 
  • What skills do they need to unlock the opportunities that hybrid working can bring – what does ‘good’ look like?


11.00AM – 11.45AM

How to make your Manager as Coach programme excel

Andry Anastasis McFarlane, The Learning Moment

Synopsis: Coaching learning is changing: embracing newer skills for complex times, from EDI coaching to innovation coaching. How can we adapt manager as coach (MAC) programmes to respond to these changes? We’ll explore four essential developments in MAC programmes, so you can create programmes that are on trend, pragmatic and impactful.


12.00PM – 12.45PM

Not a Purple folder in sight

Zoe Irvine & Kass Hawkley, University of Portsmouth

Synopsis: This session will focus on how and why an Inclusive Leadership Programme was designed, delivered and evaluated at the University of Portsmouth despite the global pandemic, warts and all.


1.45PM – 2.45PM

Equality vs Equity, being an ADEPT anti-racist ally

Jenny Garrett, Reflexion Associates Ltd

Synopsis: Exploring how people professionals can take a more proactive stance on race, moving from the creation of equal opportunities to a wider agenda of ending racism in the workplace – ensuring inclusion and diversity are central to organisational culture, leadership and management behaviours – developing a truly intersectional approach which considers all aspects of inclusion, diversity and belonging.


3.00PM – 3.45PM

Capturing the skills and ambitions of our colleagues to benefit both the individual and organisation

Jared Carnie, NTDC, Tracey Charlton & Katharine Rogers, Newcastle University

Synopsis: Learn how Newcastle University and the NTDC developed a survey which enabled Newcastle to carry out skills gap analysis, and develop a comprehensive learning and development plan, re-design our Professional Services workforce planning, and maximise use of existing skills to empowering staff to take control of their learning and development.