LinkedIn Learning – Oh, Where to Begin?

by Contributor 0

Embarking on the use of LinkedIn Learning – with the potential of 17,000 titles – is somewhat daunting.

As with Goldilocks in the house of the 3 bears, there are some titles that are not the right fit, some titles that are too America orientated, some too private sector orientated, and some that might be just right.

Ian Whiting from Midlands Staff Development Partnership (MSDP) posed a question and had a generous response from colleagues from across the SDF. Ian collated responses, advice & recommendations in a guide to help staff to the good titles.  This resource includes:

  • LinkedIn Learning page Examplar
  • Curating recommended content is very time consuming
  • Work with your LinkedIn Learning account manager for content selection
  • Recommended Instructors for organisational fit
  • Using the videos (only option) to supplement own content
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • How to use LinkedIn Learning

You can see the final document here