Looking for a new read on change management?

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Is change management an area of focus within your institution? If so, then the two books mentioned by Chris Lever, Keynote Speaker at the SDF conference and Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant, may be of interest for you.

Ensuring Change Delivers Success

Over the past 30 years the 20% success rate of change programmes identified in research from IBM and Atticus, has not changed. This is extraordinary given the level of investment in change management practices. From our own work we observe that much of the failure is preventable.

Many project and programme plans focus on just the delivery phase of change initiatives. However the truth is that the real work that shapes success and failure is done much earlier.

This book therefore offers a unique end to end view of all the phases related to change and the critical activities and work that make-up these key moments. The book in addition looks at the ‘DNA’ or characteristics that are present in all successful programmes. It is this genetic coding that will predispose towards success or failure.

“At long last (!) A highly practical and insightful guide on all things about change… for busy leaders.” – Rev Dr Joel Edwards CBE

Navigating Change A Leader’s Guide

COVID19, Digital Transformation, Climate Change and in Europe…‘Brexit’ are all unleashing their own tsunamis onto people and economies. Whatever  the sector we work in we have to face the storms and continue to navigate through the multiple and changing choices that face us in these extraordinary times.

The World Economic Forum has said leaders need to navigate uncharted waters. This is true but first it needs leaders and their teams to know how to navigate. Most have never been shown how to do this.

This book, written by a former Captain and business leader illuminates the language of navigation that is commonly used in organisations and shows how to apply the three underpinning principles. It is these principles, that contain hope.

“This book addresses Reality like no other Book I have read… It is Uncompromising and filled with hope.” David Oliver. Businessman and author

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More about the Author

Chris is a former Captain and Business Leader in the IT industry. All of his work has revolved around change. At sea it was introducing new vessels, new routes and new packages. In business he helped shift one of the worlds leading Computer Corporations from selling products to providing customised solutions. Today he writes, consults and coaches on Leadership and Change.