2021 Developing Excellent Practice Award

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Developing Excellent Practice Award 2021


The Staff Development Forum is delighted to announce the 2021 Developing Excellent Practice Award to recognise and celebrate outstanding staff development individuals or teams. 


The SDF Developing Excellent Practice Award reflects the 2021 Festival of Learning and Development’s overarching theme of ‘Reinventing, reinforcing & recalibrating’.



Please submit your completed online form by 3pm Monday 4th October 2021 and send confirmation to Jane Lucas on A.Viva@sdf.ac.uk.


SDF Awards Guidance Notes 2021


Developing Excellent Practice Award 2021 – Application Form 


Shortlisted entrants will be notified by Wednesday 13th October 2021 and must complete an electronic submission of additional material (PowerPoint slide show or video) online by 3pm Monday 1 November 2021, to aid the judges’ final decision and to promote their project/initiative.


Nominations and shortlisted entries will be featured during the Festival. Presentation to the winner will be made during the Festival on Tuesday 23rd November 2021.


Dr Rossana Espinoza

SDF Chair