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SDF Awards 2023 ‘Member of the Year’ – and the Winners are…

The SDF ‘Member of the Year’ Award Winner 2023. 

Each year, the Staff Development Forum aims to recognise and celebrate outstanding staff development individuals and/or teams.

SDF are particularly delighted that, this year, we have two Awards to announce in recognition of our Festival of Learning and Development 2023 overarching theme: ‘Innovating, nourishing and storytelling: The evolving L&D professional’ 

After careful deliberation, we are proud to announce the Winners of our ‘Member of the Year Award’ 2023 are: 

Zoe Connell – Canterbury Christ Church University – Sharing Good Practice Award

“A wonderful example of how to implement a new IT system by listening to the people who are going to be using it. Zoe clearly empathises with staff and colleagues and takes time to understand their needs and share her knowledge. Zoe strives to establish a more equitable and collaborative approach to managing performance, using an online process.”

Lisette Whittaker – University of Sussex – Collaboration Award

“This is an excellent example of empowering a team member to develop a service and resources to support what has been a hidden group of staff.  The emphasis on identifying good practice, sharing knowledge, establishing an inclusive and collaborative community is outstanding and demonstrates what going above and beyond can really achieve.”

Sarah Rhodes – Staffordshire University – Innovation Award

“This submission has demonstrated that by identifying the needs of new teaching and learning staff and understanding the challenges they face, as well as utilising creative skills to develop innovative practice, have resulted in improved retention and a supportive environment for new staff to learn and grow.”

Amy Smith – The University of Manchester – Inclusivity Award

“Amy’s work to develop equity for disabled postgraduate researchers is a great example of developing an inclusive service for an often overlooked PGR cohort. Taking time to listen to staff and researchers, to understand their needs, and to promote a culture of sharing practice were key strengths for this award nomination.”

Tracy Ellis – The University of Liverpool – Leadership Award

“Tracy is making a significant contribution, not only at The University of Liverpool but in a wider forum. Tracy is at the heart of creating an active and meaningful staff development network for the North-West.  She facilitates meetings where all voices are heard, carefully encouraging different voices around the room and broader inclusion at meetings and interest groups. Her peers recognise Tracy’s dedication to supporting others and encouraging greater engagement from all.”

Congratulations to all who were nominated and to our 2023 winners! 

Full details of all nominations received were originally circulated on 31st October 2023 and you can find all the information here.