Ten great reasons to be a LF member

by Rossana Espinoza 0

Ten great reasons to be a Leadership Foundation member



Each year in the spring we send out membership renewal letters to the UK higher education institutions asking them to invest their resources in us and our belief in the criticality of high quality leadership, governance and management in higher education. We trust that their ambitions for their institution and the sector are the same as ours and that they believe that the Leadership Foundation is well-placed to help them meet their aims.

Over recent years money has become precious in higher education and budgets reduced, so it is really pleasing to note that support for the Leadership Foundation collectively translated this year into a total of 158 members, the highest for over five years. Indeed over two thirds of institutions have been in membership for ten years or more.

But this is not a time to be complacent. For the last three years we have supported institutions by not raising either our membership fees or our programme prices – we to could tighten our belts – and we have continued this policy for 2017-2018.

So why is Leadership Foundation membership so popular? Over the past few weeks you may have seen that we’ve been sharing #10GreatReasons to be an LF member. Previously we’ve sent an overview of our membership benefits in the invoice cover letter but this year we decided that we were not doing justice to the myriad of reasons that actually exist for being a member. Once I sat down to make a proper list of all the great benefits it quickly became clear that something more than a letter, an email or a web-page was needed and from that the #10GreatReasons campaign was born.

Each of the 10 great reasons has been a closer look at an area of the work we do for the sector, and has talked about 10 key benefits we provide in that area as part of the membership benefit to you and your institution. So that’s 100 benefits that help our members to reinforce leadership, governance and management in their institutions. Benefits such as the free use of our online Essentials of Budgeting programme; free access to the Knowledge Bank; research into the role of executive search firms; and case studies on what is happening in the sector, to name a few. We really appreciate the continued confidence in our work as and that institutions continue to trust us, certain that we will provide a unique and useful service complementing their own aims and internal resources.

Take a look at #10GreatReasons. We think you’ll be surprised by the variety of what is available to members. If you want to know more Lesly and her team are always happy to chat.


Susie Norton, Marketing and Communications Manager
E: Susie.Norton@lfhe.ac.uk