Next Active Learning Playground

by Rossana Espinoza 0

At our final ALSIG Active Learning Playground of the academic year, Michael Monaghan (LJMU Leadership and Development Adviser), will deliver a version of his Superhero Murder Mystery Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Competition which he has adapted for the virtual environment.

Colleagues will participate in the in the virtual session and then discuss and reflect on the different techniques and approaches which have been used to make this session feasible, engaging and interactive. As part of an ALSIG Active Learning Playground, colleagues can expect a light-hearted, fast-paced session with role-related learning and practical application, as well as an element of teamwork and healthy competition (with a prize for the winner).

The session will highlight how typical development activities can be delivered virtually using different applications, features and approaches, in innovative ways to improve staff engagement with CPD and to enhance autonomous learning. Colleagues can expect to finish the session feeling positive and energised, with new ideas or refreshed thinking to inform their own facilitation practice when delivering using virtual platforms.

  • Event Name: ALSIG Active Learning Playground: Virtual Superhero Murder Mystery Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Competition – Michael Monaghan
  • Event Date/time: Thursday 1st July 15:00-16:30
  • Location: SDF Zoom
  • Participant capacity: 60

The SDF Active Learning Special Interest Group (ALSIG) is aimed at staff developers and facilitators. Its purpose is to provide SDF members with a regular mechanism to interactively share best practice for L&D and facilitation, with a focus on virtual delivery and blended learning for 2020/21.

Developed by the Staff Development Forum, Active Learning Playgrounds will act as a peer-learning platform, where members can try out new or adapted delivery approaches, techniques, activities and other learning ideas, as well as share good and best practice, in a risk-free, supportive environment.

There’ll be opportunities to enhance related CPD through Guest Speaker Interactive Webinars, and for those interested in active learning research, a peer-research sub-group will be set-up. While the ALSIG network is being established all communications will use the main SDF Jisc mail, there is no separate list you need to join to be part of the network; your engagement with ALSIG will be recorded for future reference.

There will be three to six SDF Active Learning Playgrounds and Guest Speaker Interactive Workshops each year, sometimes with a combined session. The Active Learning Peer-Research sub-group will be set-up for 21/22 once ALSIG is more established.

ALSIG Enquires: Please contact Michael Monaghan – (Special Interest Group Chair), for any SDF Active Learning Special Interest Group (ALSIG) enquiries, or, if you would like to deliver or co-facilitate a session.