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CoachingHE is back in 2020: focus and future plans

CoachingHE is back in 2020: focus and future plans



CoachingHE took a break in the last quarter 2019. Leads and champions met last November and came up with a plan for this year.

Through sheer hard work and lots of creativity, we have sustained CoachingHE since April 2017, after the concept was discussed within the SDF Executive and initial conversations in a regional network.

If CoachingHE has survived and thrived is because of its membership. It has offered us members and participants alike a professional network of coaches that supports and inspires.

Together we explored coaching themes using Twitter, a democratic tool that allows learning from each at your own convenience. We have shared learning and co-created knowledge, look at the wakelets for examples.

During this break, we took stock and would like to calibrate our actions in the following plan. We do hope that you give a go and join us for a chat without moving from your office chair!



Primarily anyone in Higher Education who is employing coaching in some capacity.



Our focus is in supporting coaching in Higher Education.  So far, this has enabled us offer a wide enough scope for topics to explore and people to connect with. We are also keen in connecting with other sectors through chats facilitated by other organisations or with guest ‘hosts’.


We seek to offer a platform to network among coaches in Higher Education, but we also would like to provide practical advice, tools, and activities. We also are keen in providing more emphasis on those wishing to access coaching as coachees or potential coaches.



Overall, we are pleased on how #coachinghe as a network of coaches has explored generic topics accessible across and outside Higher Education and for multiple audiences (e.g. staff/student coaching contexts).

We are keen on exploring opportunities to make topics more practical and skills focused, for example, coaching for confidence; coaching for careers; coaching and using technology; coaching skills to manage a team.



We would like to trial another day and time for the chats in 2020. We aim to change from last Friday 12 noon to first Monday 4-5 pm.



3 Feb 2020

2 Mar 2020

6 April 2020

4 May 2020

1 June 2020

6 July 2020



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