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SDF Festival of Learning & Development 2024

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Welcome to the virtual component of the SDF Festival of Learning & Development 2024!

Are you ready to transform, empower and balance your learning and development in times of disruption? Join us from Monday 11th November for the SDF Festival of Learning and Development 2024, a three-day event that will explore how to harness the power of AI, analytics, neuroscience and reflection to create adaptive and resilient learning professionals and organisations.

Get ready to be part of a transformative journey at the SDF Festival of Learning & Development 2024. This year, we’re embracing the theme of “Transform, Empower and Balance,” focusing on cultivating an adaptive mindset in these dynamic times. Join us for a blended experience across SDF Zoom, Advance HE Connect, and various in person Regional Network Day across the UK.

Key Themes to Explore:

  • Transforming Learning with AI: Discover how artificial intelligence can revolutionise our approach to human potential and growth, making us more resilient, compassionate, and resourceful.
  • Empowering Workforce Innovation: Learn how to cultivate excellence in workforce development and use analytics to drive effective, personalised programs.
  • Balancing Growth with Tech: Discuss the role of learning professionals in personal and professional development amidst technological disruptions, and how AI can be a tool for empowerment.
  • Revolutionising Learning and Reflection: Delve into the neuroscience of learning, the power of reflection, and neuroplasticity to adapt our minds for continuous growth.

Stellar Keynotes:

The festival will feature four inspiring keynotes from leading experts in the field of learning and development, who will share their insights and experiences on the below themes.

  • Donald Taylor, Chairman of Learning Technologies, will shed light on the intersection of AI and Learning & Development.
  • Professor Christina Hughes, Founder and CEO of Woman-Space, will inspire with insights on Women Leadership.
  • Fiona Lennox-Smith from Advance HE will explore leadership careers in professional services.
  • Charles Smith will discuss Generative AI and its implications for staff development and the higher education sector.

Festival Programme Highlights:

In addition to the keynotes, the festival will also offer a variety of workshops, symposia, learning playgrounds and Pecha Kuchas, covering the four key themes of the festival. You will have the opportunity to learn from and network with peers, practitioners and experts, and to discover new and innovative ways to develop and empower your staff in a virtual world.

  • Transforming Learning: Kick off with Donald Taylor’s insights on leveraging technology to transform learning for all.
  • Empowering Workforce: Engage in workshops like “Meet the Challenges of a Changing Work Ecosystem” by Eszter Molnar Mills and “Team Thinking: Innovate, Improve and Inspire!” by John Drysdale.
  • Balancing Human and Tech: Participate in sessions like “Crafting the Future of Work” with Charlotte Axon & Rob Baker, exploring job crafting as a powerful tool for personalising work.
  • Revolutionising Learning: Immerse yourself in Jimi Wall (Upwrd)’s session on coaching as a catalyst: Empowering L&D professionals through Reflective practice, and Jisc’s Pecha Kuchas on innovative ways to develop and empower your staff in a virtual world.

Join us for an enlightening blend of keynotes, workshops, and interactive sessions designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the face of disruption. Let’s transform, empower, and balance together at the SDF Festival of Learning & Development 2024.

Programme will be open for bookings very soon.

Dr. Rossana Espinoza – SDF Chair 

Staff Development Forum (SDF)

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