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Mindfulness to enhance Coaching practice (Coaching SIG)

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The next Coaching SIG Workshop – Mindfulness to enhance our Coaching practice – will take place on Tuesday 16th April 2024, 1.00PM – 2.30PM

Harvard research has shown that the human mind wanders about 47% of the time. Mindfulness raises awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations by intentionally placing attention in the present moment, without judgement. Greater awareness can help coaches in becoming more focused during their coaching encounters, which can enhance the rapport and connection with their coachees and positively affect coaching outcomes.

This session will introduce the participants to experiential mindfulness practices that can help coaches in raising their awareness and presence in coaching. Mindful awareness can enrich the coaching process by providing access to additional information about the self and others. The session will illustrate how mindful attitudes, such as openness and non-judgement, can mitigate subconscious biases and stereotyping, and create a more inclusive coaching environment. Mindfulness practices also help in preventing stress and burn-out by supporting coaches’ self-care and wellbeing.


  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Definition, Background, Benefits, Risks
  • The role of mindfulness in Coaching
  • Impact on the coach, coaching relationship and outcomes
  • Mindfulness for wellbeing
  • Monitoring wellbeing and managing self-care needs

Come prepared to learn, reflect and engage. We will use breakout groups to network, enable wider discussions in smaller groups and practice using some tools on the day!

The details for the next SDF Coaching SIG workshop are as follows:

  • Event Name: Mindfulness to enhance our Coaching practice
  • Facilitator: Juliet Flynn
  • Event Date/Time: Tuesday 16th April 2024, 1.00PM – 2.30PM 
  • Location: SDF Zoom
  • Registration will be made available soon via SDF Jiscmail

About the speaker: 

Eike Tisher’s professional background covers 25 years in senior leadership roles in marketing analytics and sales. Throughout her career, Eike has enjoyed working with cross-functional teams and provided coaching and mentoring to direct reports. She is passionate about enabling people to identify their unique strengths and values to excel in their chosen career path. Since 2019, Eike has been working freelance as a consultant, coach and training facilitator. She is a co-founder of the Oxford Coaching Partners and supports her clients during times of uncertainty and change in their professional and personal life. Eike has a passion for wellbeing and regularly facilitates experiential coaching workshops and mindfulness training. She has a master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, is an accredited EMCC senior practitioner, a licensed career counsellor and qualified in mindfulness based cognitive therapy with the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre. Her MA dissertation focused on how mindfulness training can support coaches and their practice. For further information about Eike’s mindfulness and wellbeing programmes or coaching workshops please contact her on LinkedIn, or find her at Oxford Coaching Partners.

Coaching SIG Enquiries: Please contact Juliet Flynn (Coaching SIG Chair), for any SDF Coaching Special Interest Group (Coaching SIG) enquiries, or if you would like to deliver or co-facilitate a session.