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Transform, Empower and Balance: Moving towards an adaptive mindset in times of disruption – Call for Contributions

SDF Festival of Learning and Development 2024

Date: 11, 12 and 13 November 2024
Blended approach: SDF Zoom, Advance HE connect and Regional Networks

We experience turbulent times, yet as learning professionals, we can be the source of transformation, empowerment and balance. We have the opportunity to become the designers of culture, makers of innovation, and protectors of wellbeing. There is a call to foster an environment where creativity flourishes and resilience is woven into the very fabric of everyday life.

The balance between human touch and artificial intelligence becomes the key for a revolution in learning and reflection. AI has matured in the past year and it’s becoming mainstream. AI does not serve as a replacement but as a catalyst, augmenting the human capacity for insight and freeing us for deeper reflection. We’ll thrive in supporting an agile workforce by becoming adaptive learning professionals.

Technological advancements are tools to play with and we need a partnership to redefine the boundaries of learning. This synergy can enable a culture of continuous learning, where every challenge is a lesson, every interaction a mirror, and every moment an invitation to grow. This blending of humanity and technology guides us to reflect, learn and emerge stronger.

Key themes

This year’s SDF Festival of Learning and Development will focus on four key themes:

Transforming learning across hierarchies with the affordances of technology: How can AI help us revolutionise the way we approach human potential and growth? How can we use AI in learning to become more resilient, compassionate and resourceful?

Empowering the workforce for innovation, inclusivity and wellbeing in the face of ambiguity and scarcity: How can learning professionals cultivate excellence in the workforce’s growth and development? How can analytics help us uncover insights to drive effective and personalised development programs?

Balancing human growth and technological disruption: How can learning professionals focus on personal and professional development alongside technological advancements? How can AI be a tool for empowerment and resilience in the face of the current challenges?

Revolutionising learning and reflection for success and happiness: How can learning professionals leverage the neuroscience of learning, re-discover the power of reflection in the fast-paced digital age, and explore neuroplasticity to adapt our minds for continuous personal and professional growth?


The SDF Festival follows a blended approach:

  • Day 1 and Day 2 offer 45 minute sessions virtually via Zoom. All sessions have a chair and get evaluated via zoom poll.
  • Day 3 offers an in person ‘Learn and Share’ day in your regional network.

All sessions should include interactivity, for example: early breakout rooms, group activities, role modelling, hot seat, polls, group questions, or a puzzle.

Explore Festival themes with active learning approaches in the formats of:

1. Learning playgrounds: Cover innovative topics (15 mins presentation /15 mins group activity / 15 mins roundup)
2. Workshops: (15 mins interactive presentation /15 mins group activity /15 mins roundup)
3. Pecha Kucha: (4 presentations @ 10 mins per presentation including Q&A) (Each presentation covers 20 slides at 20 secs per slide)
4. Symposium: (15 mins presentation /15 mins presentation /15 mins Q&A)
5. Open to other formats as long as it guarantees audience participation and engagement

Proposal Form
Session contribution proposal form – please complete and submit if you would like to propose a session

Deadline for submissions: 7th May 2024