#CoachingHE organising committee

We are a group of innovative, reflective and enthusiastic professionals with a primary interest in coaching, who explore technology to develop an online network of coaches across the UK. We shape the initiative, develop capacity and welcome participation of colleagues.

With special thanks to our committee members who joined #coachingHE right from the start: University of Salford, The University of Manchester and Canterbury Christ Church University.

  • Dr Rossana Espinoza, Online Content Developer, Middlesex University (Creator, Host, Lead)
  • Dr Emma Gillaspy, Senior Lecturer in Digital Learning, University of Central Lancashire (Lead)
  • Juliet Flynn, Organisational and Staff Development Advisor, Canterbury Christ Church University (Lead)
  • Dee-Ann Johnson, Researcher Development Communications Officer, The University of Manchester (Lead)
  • Louise Rees, Senior Academic Developer, Swansea University (Lead)
  • Alison Newby, Associate Researcher, The University of Manchester (Lead)

#CoachingHE is also supported by champions who help us disseminate the initiative in their institutions and beyond.

  • Dorota Tworek-Uptas, Learning and Development Advisor, London South Bank University (Champion)
  • Rhian Ellis, Academic Developer, Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT), Swansea University (Champion)
  • Claire Khalifa, Organisational Development Consultant, Heriot-Watt University (Champion)

What we do

We run a series of monthly Twitter chat, or conversations in Twitter in order to support coaches within the SDF community and the wider Higher Education community across the UK and beyond.

Our Twitter chats to date

Twitter chat No 1: Development a network of coaches (7 April 2017) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 2: To coach or not to coach? coachability is the question (5 May 2017) Blog and Wakelet 

Twitter chat No 3: Evaluating the impact of coaching in HE (2 June 2017) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 4:  Inner game in coaching (29 September 2017) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 5: Instructional coaching (27 October 2017) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 6: Peer coaching (24 November 2017) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 7: Team coaching (26 January 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 8: Mindfulness and Coaching (2 March 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat N0 9: Democratisation of Coaching (27 April 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat N0 10: Career coaching (25 May 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat N0 11: Busting coaching myths (29 June 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 12: Creativity in coaching (28 September 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 13: Using a coaching approach in learning & teaching with LTHEChat (24 October 2018) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 14: Positive Psychology (23 November) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 15: New year, new you? Utilising a Self-Coaching approach in a learning and development context (25 January) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 16: The digital future of coaching (22 February) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 17: Clean Language and Metaphors (29 March) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 18: Bringing lifewide learning into coaching(26 April) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 19. Coaching from and for emotional intelligence (31 May) Blog and Wakelet

Twitter chat No 20. Coaching and Growth mindset (28 June) Blog and Wakelet

What is a Twitter chat?

  • A Twitter chat is an organised online discussion about a topic. The discussion usually occurs on a weekly basis at the same day and time. Twitter chats normally last about an hour.
  • A typical format consists of a question-and-answer session. The number of questions may vary between one and nine. Twitter chats are moderated and, sometimes, there may be a guest in addition to the moderator.
  • Twitter chats have been used in the field of Education, Business and others sectors, in order to stimulate discussion amongst like-minded professionals, who are passionate about a topic. The discussion is associated with a specific hashtag.

When could I take part?

We aim to run a Twitter chat once a month on a Friday from 12 to 1 pm. We take a break in the Summer and Christmas.

Dates for the next academic year

  • 27 September
  • 25 October
  • 29 November

How do I take part?

Please read the instructions here.

Full details of how to follow and contribute to the conversations can be found on Twitter chat Launch. News of the topics for upcoming conversations will be notified in our News/Events prior to each session.