Become an SDF News pad contributor

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Become an SDF News pad contributor



Before 2020 ends… I’d like to reach you and offer a friendly reminder that the SDF has a website and a blog. You can find them here –

We have a growing number of contributors, such as our L&D professionals, sponsors, academic colleagues, independent learning and developer professionals, coaches, SDF council members, etc.

Blog contributors are posted on the SDF website/blog and released through the monthly SDF newspad – here the latest edition

We are looking for regular and/or one off blog contributions that will be of interest to the SDF community, so if you wish to get some practice on blogging (could this be your new goal for the remaining of 2020?), please do give us a shout.

Why not? This may be your chance to make progress in enhancing your written communications and/or blogging for wider audiences.



* write about supporting and helping others develop

* 300 to 500 words

* add a clear signature with a short profile and contact details at the bottom of the blog

* One or more good quality images (one of them will introduce the actual blog)



* Fancy the idea, but don’t know where to start? Consider writing your SDF Story, we’d like to showcase Learning and Development professionals across the diverse SDF regional networks, please don’t by shy and give it a go.

* Want to help but don’t know where to start? Has your institution or regional network produced a press release you would like to disseminate more widely? Check with your institution and consider re-publishing this again through us.

* Are you taking part in a project at your institution? Consider sharing achievements and lessons learned from your project for everyone else in the SDF network and other hectors via our website.


Open to other sectors:

We welcome blog contributions across UK institutions, we are also open to contributions coming from other professionals outside the SDF network and HE.



The SDF is happy to help with editing and give advice/guidance. Please contact me with your ideas, blogs at


Help us to spread the word about the work of the SDF and the contribution it makes in the HE sector.


Very best



Rossana Espinoza

SDF Chair

Staff Development Forum