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We (usually) meet on the first Wednesday of March, July and December each year at a different venue.

2018 MSDP Dates

  • Wednesday 17th January – Aston University:
  • Wednesday 7th  March – Cranfield University: Applying LEAN in an HE context (Special Event)
  • Thursday 10th May – Staffordshire University: Leading Major Organisational Change (Advance HE)
  • Thursday 5th July – University of Nottingham: (See Announcements) 
    • Afternoon session:  Supporting reflection and reflective practice Carol Steed (our host)
  • Tuesday 20 November – University of Derby: Midlands Change Network (Advance HE event)
  • Wednesday 5th December – University of Birmingham:

2019 MSDP Dates

  • Wednesday 6th  March – Aston University:
    • The metamorphosis workshop (changing from L&D to OD)
  • Wednesday 3rd July – University of Worcester
    • Afternoon session: Supporting staff with Mental Health issues
    • Overview of Papyrus working with Worcester on suicide prevention (shortlisted for THE award)
  • Wednesday 4th December – University of Birmingham:

The format of the meetings 

  1. A brief review of notes from the previous meeting and any matters arriving.
  2. Useful updates from the MSDP Chair, SDF and Advance HE.
  3. “Round Robin” of ‘gives and gets’ from those attending – sharing information and best practice.
  4. “Top of the Mind” what are the key priorities for those present and how can others support them.


The after lunch session will consist of one of the following:

  • Sharing good practice on a given topic, for example, if an institution present has won an award, delivered a conference session or being recognised for good practice in a particular area.
  • Staff development offered by a member of the group – for example if a member of the group has recently been trained in something new and would like to trial their new knowledge and skills on a friendly audience, or a member providing an update on a commonly used tool – e.g. Belbin or MBTI – where that member has recently attended ‘refresher’ training themselves.
  • Staff development from an external provider – for example, a company or consultant wishing to showcase their training and willing to offer a free taster session to the group.
  • Resources – a company or consultant wishing to showcase their product or services.

Guidance notes for the host organiser

The following guidance notes provide an overview for the member of the host institution designated to organise an MSDP meeting.

Organising MSDP Meetings