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SaHOOTS Final Report – November 2013
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Do Students get Value for Money?
“As previous HEPI surveys showed, the findings from the 2013 Which?/HEPI survey again reveal that there is no sign that as students pay more they are receiving more for their money, and that is reflected in a sharp increase in the proportion of students who feel that they are not receiving good value for money”
Summary and full report
Guardian: Student choice: what informs it most?

With higher tuition fees raising student expectations, a recent HEA roundtable debated whether students are getting all the information they need to make the right choices

Janet Murray – Tuesday 11 December 2012

Guardian Learning and Teaching Hub Article –Student choice: what informs it most
HE Customer Service: Practical Customer Service Skills in Higher Education
Student Experience Questionnaire BOS
Government White Paper: ‘Students at the Heart of the System’
The Guardian: Graduate View: ‘We are not customers’
Oxford Brookes University: Putting Students at the Centre Information
Oxford Brookes University: Putting Students at the Centre Students Union outline
University of West of England: Customer Service Strategy
University of West of England: First Impressions Briefing
Report to HEFCE by Oakleigh Consulting and Staffordshire University:
Understanding the information needs of users of public information about higher education
University of Hertfordshire: University isn’t just a business – and the student isn’t always right
University of Hertfordshire: At a Glance: Universities White Paper
University of Hertfordshire: Customer Service in Higher Education: Finding a Middle Ground
University of Hertfordshire: The Future of Higher Education Teaching and the Student Experience
University of Hertfordshire: If students are consumers, why doesn’t HE practise good customer service?
University of Hertfordshire: Top Tips for Managing Student Expectations
University of Hertfordshire: Quality Management Practice in Higher Education
University of Hertfordshire: The student as co producer: learning from public administration about the student-university relationship
University of Hertfordshire: The student as confused customer?
University of Hertfordshire: Making sense of higher education: students as consumers and the value of the university experience
University of Hertfordshire: Student experience: Innovative Practice Report
Canterbury Christ Church University: Customer Experience Skills Matrix
Canterbury Christ Church University: Customer Journey Mapping Handout
Canterbury Christ Church University: Customer Journey Map
Canterbury Christ Church University: Enhancing the Customer Experience Finance
Canterbury Christ Church University: The Student First Maturity Model
Output from the NWHESDG CPD Retreat in January 2013
NWHESDG CPD Retreat Programme
A Ketso Approach to the Student Experience
Resource Materials identified at NWSDG Retreat
Post Event Personal Actions Identified by NWSDG Retreat Participants
NWHESDG Student Life-Cycle Experience
PowerPoint Presentation: Library and Student Support
PowerPoint Presentation: A Model for Academic Engagement
Presentation: Academic Partnership