The Staff Development Forum is involved in research and development. This page describes the funded projects to date, and gives access to their outputs.

JISC Digital Literacies Project

These resources are short guides that emerged from the Technology at Your Service workshops.

There are also materials on online action learning. You can download a PowerPoint and more detailed guidance and evaluation.

SaHOOTS – Students at the Heart Of Our and Their System

This project was the SDF’s response top the question, “How does the Staff and OD Community help develop exemplary practice amongst University staff in delivering  holistic, joined up and consistently excellent professional services to students?”

HEFCE/LGM Dissemination Project

This project gives guidance on the effective dissemination of project outcomes. The Improving Dissemination report is given as a PowerPoint presentation. There is useful additional text with some of the slides, via the Notes Pages. Under some browsers you may need to first save the file, rather than simply open it, to access the Notes Page view.

SDF Strategic Staff Development Project

The SDF’s Strategic Staff Development Project was a major study funded by the Leadership Foundation. It had three linked themes, that explored the context for strategic staff development and analysed the expertise required both by those in staff development leadership roles and by practitioners.

The three Themes were:

  • Promoting the Strategic Positioning and Alignment of Staff Development in Institutions;
  • Defining and Supporting the Strategic Leadership Role; and
  • Defining and Supporting the Staff Development Practitioner Role

Project outputs associated with the work are: