You may be aware that SDF recently carried out a short survey asking what you thought of the services we provide. We received some helpful comments regarding the SDF web site and are looking at ways to enhance this.

A number of you suggested that the development of a web resources area would be very valuable. This would link to other resources on the web and also act as a repository for materials that colleagues within the sector might be willing to share with each other.

The web links would be to things like, but not: business balls, TED talks, etc

The materials – your materials – that we are thinking about including are such things as:

  • Formats and overviews of workshops and training sessions;
  • Materials, hand-outs, guides;
  • Exercises, case studies, role plays, icebreakers and training activities;
  • Models, frameworks;
  • …and so on.

In fact they might be anything that you use that is particularly effective and that you would be willing to share with colleagues. If each institution were willing to contribute one such resource we would have an excellent start that would act as a stimulus to further ‘give and take’.

Intellectual property is clearly an issue, so you’d need to be able to confirm that any resources that you are sharing are yours to share.

So two requests please.

1.     If you are conscious of any really useful trainer/development online resources that we should link to please let us know

2.     Would you be willing to share one resource to kick this off.

Can you please direct your responses to Wendy Mason (SDF Administrator) at: