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Coaching Walk by the SeaSupportive Conversation – Seeing change by the Sea



I am an experienced coach and active member of the internal coaching team at Bournemouth University, and for the past 5 years I have been Head of Service Excellence at BU. I am very interested in strength based approaches in coaching and organisational development. As well as undertaking the excellent coach development opportunities that BU continues to provide, I am also experienced in using approaches based on appreciative inquiry, the use of metaphor and creative approaches to developing understanding and growth.


The wonderful location by the sea side provides an energising and embracing space to think and explore possibilities of what could happen next. The coaching conversation will be warm, the weather probably not so, remember to bring a wooly hat and gloves.


Ms Susanne Clarke is Head of Service Excellence and Organisational Change Lead at Bournemouth University. Susanne has a track record in leading transformational change programmes and has expertise in the development of organisational performance frameworks. A Chartered Global Management Accountant and Chartered Fellow of the CMI, Susanne’s key research interests are in strength-based approaches to change such as appreciative inquiry and improvement methodologies.
Susanne joined the Higher Education Sector in 2001 and has worked in senior roles including Deputy Director of Finance and more recently Head of Service Excellence. In 2014 Susanne completed an MSc at Cranfield University in Organizational Performance Management which supported her in the new direction for her career to focus on embedding excellence within organizations. Susanne has now led and worked with others on many activities to embed service excellence and customer service to create cultures where customer service becomes the ‘way things are done around here’.
Susanne has always been passionate about building teams, and using strengths-based approaches to developing staff and teams. Susanne has qualified as an internal coach and takes a particular interest in supporting women in leadership roles. During her career as a finance professional, Susanne embedded sector leading approaches to business partnership and ensuring that finance teams were focused on really getting to know the business and in adding value. Anything that focuses on culture change and what at times is known as the “fluffy stuff”, is what Susanne lives for and she is currently leading approaches to embed kindness and respect for people into organizational cultures.