Creating Space, Opportunities, Choice and Journeys

by Rossana Espinoza 0

Workshop 5: Creating Space, Opportunities, Choice and Journeys – A Fresh Look at Learning. Adapting and Thriving in a Changing Landscape



Initiated by doing more for less, saving money, decreasing attendance at face to face events and a general malaise around learning a radical rethink led to the creation of a culture of empowerment through the development of an interactive learning portal, which provides the springboard for all our activity.

A taste of what we are doing

  • Embedding a 70:20:10 mind set
  • Developing agile approaches enabling speedy responses at point of need
  • Using multi-dimensional techniques for innovative learning
  • Using social media for promotion and engagement


Some of the results are we seeing

  • Increased engagement, particularly with the academic community
  • Increased embedding of deeper learning
  • Less use of external providers
  • Greater use of coaching as a learning tool


Sara Jackson – With over 30 years experience within Organisational Development, Sara works at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) as Head of Organisational Development, Engagement and Wellbeing. Sara has worked within OD at UCA over 12 years and is currently focusing on several projects including embedding 70-20-10 learning model within UCA, supporting teams to build performance and resilience and a range of activities that are set to define a new organisational culture at UCA. Sara holds a Post Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Organisational Development and Change.
Sara’s passion lies within coaching and she is both a qualified coach and a coaching supervisor