Looking Afresh at Narrative

by Rossana Espinoza 0

Workshop 4: Looking Afresh at Narrative



In 2018, universities have grasped the power of narrative. They’re using this to connect people to their role and purpose. It’s changing the practices of leaders and organisational developers.

We’ll share our approach to explore your professional narrative in this experiential workshop. Join us and take away ideas you can apply.

The outcomes of the workshop will be to enable you to:

  • Experience and practise new techniques and approaches to help you to communicate your purpose, role and practice with greater clarity and impact
  • Challenge your perception of your role, and where this fits into your professional narrative.
  • Develop a concise narrative about what you do which is compelling, engaging and persuasive, and draws on your own authentic voice and personality to prioritise the message you want to convey

Grounded within insights gained from working with over 30 universities in our first year, our approach is founded in a deep knowledge of the sector and expertise in leadership development.

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference.


Paul Gentle – A leadership expert, Paul has dedicated the last ten years to creating and delivering leadership development programmes in higher education.
“I’ve been working in higher education for over 20 years in various guises; as a Head of Department, Dean, a Director of Programmes specialising in leadership development, and now as Academic Director for Invisible Grail. In more recent years I have worked with a number of senior leaders and learned a great deal about the nuances of senior leadership.
Invisible Grail represents the two halves of my whole: a passion for leadership development and a love for the art of writing and communication. In 2016 a thrilling journey among Atlantic islands of Europe inspired a personal quest, and led serendipitously to my wanting to enable leaders to make an impact by discovering their own narrative

Louise Clifton – Over the last six years Louise has crafted a career in marketing and communications within higher education. Specialising in professional development, Louise thrives on working with people to bring alive their stories that show the wider world who they are and why what they do matters.
“As a marketer, I am fascinated by the narratives we choose to use to connect with others. Doing this well is an essential skill, particularly for everyone in higher education right now. My purpose with Invisible Grail is to support people to discover how they can make these connections, drawing on strengths that are already intrinsically theirs.
Working with Invisible Grail has brought together my love of words, my profession as a marketer, and my aspiration to make a positive difference to people’s lives. I am lucky enough to do this with my former mentor, and an expert team who share a belief that we all have the potential to create extraordinary narratives which challenge our understanding of the way the world should be.”