Creativity in coaching with Sketchnotes

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Creativity in coaching: Sketchnotes for 2



All pictures copyright Conni Eybisch-Klimpel

When it comes to the important issues and decisions we talk about them face to face. Sketchnotes are a powerful tool to make sure, we understand each other, see the big picture, make good choices and prepare the next steps to action. How can we use them as coaches, consultants, therapists, leaders as well as friends and spouses?

Here a 12 examples of my work as a career couselor. They show hwo I use sketchnotes to explain processes, have a deeper understandding of others perspectives generate, cluster and select ideas, make up decisions, plan processes, document and evaluate them.

Sketchnotes for 2 – ISC18LX



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Conni works as a work psychologist and career coach in the Berlin based NGO Frau und Beruf e.V ( She counsels female academics on and in between jobs, organises network- and success teams and is responsible for public relations.

For coaches, consultants, leaders and therapists, who would like to deepen and expand their work with visual tools she provides workshops and coachings (more information on her website, Twitter: @thevisualcoach, Instagram: @connieybisch).