A Tweetchat for the SDF

by Rossana Espinoza 0

A Tweetchat to support Staff Learning and Development professionals. 


As you may know, the SDF would like to explore other ways of learning and communicating that do not rely only on email. We would like to share an idea to increase knowledge sharing and learning within the SDF community.

The idea consists of running a Tweetchat to support the SDF members with regular conversations on a topic of interest. If you are a Twitter user, you may already have come across this type of online “conversations”. If you haven’t, here a brief definition:


What is a Tweetchat?

  • A Tweetchat or Twitter chat is an organised online discussion about a topic. The discussion usually occurs on a weekly basis at the same day and time. Tweetchats normally last about an hour.
  • A typical format consists of a question-and-answer session. The number of questions may vary between one and nine. Tweetchats are moderated and, sometimes, there may be a guest in addition to the moderator.
  • Tweetchats have been used in the field of Education, Business and others sectors, in order to stimulate discussion amongst like-minded professionals, who are passionate about a topic. The discussion is associated with a specific hashtag.


Why is this idea worth exploring?

  • Tweetchats entice fervent professionals, who are devoted to learning and enhancing their professional practice.
  • Tweetchats constitute a professional tool to make new connections and learn about new ideas, which are working in other sectors or projects.
  • Tweetchats offer a tool to expand your Personal and Professional Learning Network, by connecting with people whom we would not normally connect due to distance, etc.
  • Tweetchats offer a medium to share information and resources with other professionals and Twitter fellows.


What is on our favour?

  • There is already a growing wealth of expertise and knowledge in the SDF community. There is a large pool of qualified and experienced coaches who may enjoy and benefit from participating in regular discussions.
  • We don’t need to acquire a new online platform nor tool. As a community, we don’t have to start from scratch. Some of you may already have a Twitter account. And if you don’t, it is very easy to set one up.
  • There has been a great deal of interest in offering a Coaching Exchange in the past, which the SDF supported. The SDF Tweetchat could be an exciting and cost-effective way to replace it.


Who is this for?

  • All SDF members with an interest in coaching are welcome to participate. SDF welcomes all levels of experience and knowledge in coaching.
  • If you are interested in participating and sharing what you know about coaching with the rest of the SDF community, this may be the initiative for you.
  • If you are interested in building on your existing knowledge and experience, this may be the initiative for you.
  • If you are getting qualified in coaching or are considering qualifying in coaching, this initiative may inform you more what does coaching entitle.


I have never used Twitter.

  • The SDF would like to support colleagues interested in taking part but haven’t experienced using Twitter or taking part in Tweetchats. Do keep in touch with us.
  • If you have never used this tool, you could start with signing up and exploring Twitter at your leisure. Post your first tweet and add @SDFACUK so we are aware of what you share.
  • If you are a little more familiar with Twitter, let us what you are working on as an individual and/or part of your institution. Tweet and add @SDFACUK.


What will be required of me?

  • The SDF would like to encourage members to join this “conversation” via your own professional or personal Twitter account (as you see fit) and connect with us.
  • The SDF would like to ask that when you are available, you join the weekly Tweetchat and participate, by reading and answering questions and by engaging with others’ answers.
  • When arrangements are finalised, the SDF will communicate date and time for the weekly Tweetchat. We would really like you join us.


Would you like to get involved?

  • If you are interested in taking part as a co-moderator, champion, guest, do keep in touch with us at comms@sdf.ac.uk. We would love to hear from you.



Dr. Rossana Espinoza
SDF Communications officer