Join us on 25-July for *FREE* #SketchnoteLDN No. 24 ‘Celebrations, Cakes, and Fireworks’ with @maccymacx and @nidhi_narula we’ll be celebrating TWO YEARS 🎊🎉 of @SketchnoteLDN for more information and RSVP Retweeted by

Here we all are at #UEL. #Research Network for #Coaching and #Mentoring in Education. Everyone is interested in sharing and collaborating! #educoach Retweeted by

🌞Great range of sessions across #MDXALTC18 Learning and Teaching conference.🌞Join us on Friday 7 Sep🌞Register🌞Conf programme Retweeted by

A great read about the role of the coach in education - and this timely reminder: 'When the coach has courage and is prepared to be authentic, it allows a stronger relationship that builds safely because both people feel that they are truly equal.'@ChristianvN… Retweeted by

This is a wobbly picture but it sums up our initial introductions at our Coaching & Mentoring in a Education Research network meeting @ChristianvN. Retweeted by

Hard work at the office! Loving #coaching away from four walls! My clients really did turn up! Helps clients & me to be more #creative #getoutside @RFMCoaching @ICFHQ @UK_ICF @SDFACUK Retweeted by

"I know, too, that my writing is not my own creation, although I would insist it is my sole responsibility"If you read anything today, read this. A searingly insightful piece by Les Back and Thomas Yarrow on academic writing via @GoldsmithsUoL#Acwri Retweeted by

20 #Twitter Tips for #Teachers | Tip no. 19: Use hashtags carefully. Hashtags are essentially keywords that people search on. By all means include them in your tweets, but keep them relevant and use no more than 3 per post. Retweeted by