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How can narrative act as an anchor when we need to find a clear direction and purpose? Why narrative isn't just about telling a story #narrativeleadership #mondaymotivation invisiblegrail.com/blog/instituti… Retweeted by SDF.ac.uk

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I wrote an #article for the @ICFHQ publication "Coaching World" about #awareness #development. Helpful for #coaches or anyone who gets #stuck trying to mentally muscle their way to a solution when confronted with a #challenge. coachfederation.org/blog/awareness… Retweeted by SDF.ac.uk

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test Twitter Media - Hi @SDFACUK communityThanks very much to our contributors for their support in producing the latest SDF Newspad https://t.co/mxNN3OsFRN@AdvanceHE  (founding sponsor), @Albina_ODandW  @invisiblegrail  @JulietEFlynn  @islareddin @jo_wright_  and #CoachingHECheers
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Hi #coachesWe had a good chat last Friday.If you missed it, my colleague @JulietEFlynn curated a fab summary of the convo wke.lt/w/s/IEr2jBlog sdf.ac.uk/5557/the-digit… … …Thank you @egillaspy @islareddin @jo_wright_ & #CoachingHE crowd@DrRossEspinoza @SDFACUK Retweeted by SDF.ac.uk

What did we find when we asked staff developers what the purpose of their job role is? Run with @SDFACUK we uncovered the yin and yang of developing people in #highered #SDFconf18 sdf.ac.uk/5565/the-yin-a… Retweeted by SDF.ac.uk

I would particularly like to hear about examples of active learning with large groups/cohorts in HE, if anyone from my lovely online community would like to share and help others learn. Please feel free to comment or DM if so.Diolch yn fawr/thank you very much, in advance! twitter.com/susaltteam/sta… Retweeted by SDF.ac.uk

Aw shucks, that's good of you. The funny thing is you've now read it more recently than me so I have to abide by your opinion. The first has been a big part of @DarkAngelsWrite @invisiblegrail and I can still remember the excitement of writing it twitter.com/neilbaker/stat… Retweeted by SDF.ac.uk