The LFHE/AdvanceHE provide access to their Knowledge Bank for all members – although individual users will need to register and login to gain access. The above below will take the user via a MyLF login page and then straight onto the Knowledge Bank.

AdvanceHE Knowledge Bank

If you need any assistance with MyLF please contact Susie Norton, Marketing and Communications Manager, Leadership Foundation.

What is the Knowledge Bank?

The Knowledge Bank toolkit is packed with resources you can use to boost performance at work, just when your staff need it. The resources will help you to support leaders and managers to tackle day-to-day challenges by developing their skills and capabilities.

How is it used?

To help users find what they need quickly and easily, the resources in the toolkit are structured across six headings:

  1. Learning & Development
  2. Human Resources
  3. Leadership & Strategy
  4. Managing People & Teams
  5. Personal Skills & Development
  6. Services, Projects & Operations

With over 50 topics to choose from, users can find resources to help them support their managers to cope with today’s changing environment. In the toolkit you’ll find a range of content, from articles, videos, infographics, top tips, to self-assessments and much more.