Current/recent SDF projects include:

Suggestions for other SDF projects are always welcome.

Project Outputs

You can find the outputs from a range of SDF projects at Resources from SDF projects.

Support for Your Projects

In relation to member’s projects the SDF can help by:

  • Commenting – confidentially – on initial project ideas
  • Reading – again confidentially – drafts and offering suggestions
  • Coaching and mentoring project leaders
  • Nominating experienced staff developers to serve on advisory  boards or to act as project evaluators
  • Providing support with dissemination or engagement

The SDF publications include the Newsletter which aims to share useful practice and point to helpful resources. Prior to the current Newsletter a series of Digests and Archives served a similar purpose and there are archive copies of these publications available.

If you’re looking for a partner on a project, or if you want a confidential perspective on a proposal that you have in mind, then please contact Wendy Mason and she will arrange for your request to be considered.