Current/recent SDF projects include:

Digital Literacies – A JISC-funded project to encourage the use of digital technologies within the staff development community

Staff Performance Review and Rating Systems – Minutes from two meetings on this topic are below:

SaHOOTS Project – Students At the Heart Of Our and Their System

Suggestions for other SDF projects are always welcome.

Project Outputs

You can find the outputs from a range of SDF projects in our Resources section

Support for Your Projects

In relation to member’s projects the SDF can help by:

  • Commenting – confidentially – on initial project ideas
  • Reading – again confidentially – drafts and offering suggestions
  • Coaching and mentoring project leaders
  • Nominating experienced staff developers to serve on advisory  boards or to act as project evaluators
  • Providing support with dissemination or engagement

The SDF publications include the Newsletter which aims to share useful practice and point to helpful resources. A previous series of Digests etc. served a similar purpose and archive copies are available.

If you’re looking for a partner on a project, or if you want a confidential perspective on a proposal that you have in mind, then please contact Wendy Mason and she will arrange for your request to be considered.


You can access our resources through the following links:

Newsletters – prior to current Newsletters, a series of Digests and Updates were published and archive copies of these are available

Resources from SDF projects:

  • Digital Literacies – the resources are short guides that emerged from the Technology at Your Service workshops
  • SaHOOTS – Students At the Heart Of Our and Their System
  • HEFCE/LGM Dissemination Project – This project gives guidance on the effective dissemination of project outcomes
  • Strategic Staff Development Project – This project had three linked themes, that explored the context for strategic staff development and analysed the expertise required both by those in staff development leadership roles and by practitioners

Links and resources offered by the community – The SDF is considering developing  database of links and resources to share across the community. Please let us have your thoughts

A good practice to guide to Action Learning in Higher Education

Collaborative technology summary

We welcome suggestions for other resources that we can post, please contact