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MSDP Leadership Exchange and Assist Programme (LEAP)

 The concept

The aim of the MSDP Leadership Exchange and Assist Programme (LEAP) is a regional service to bring together managers who face similar challenges in their areas of responsibility and feel they would benefit from sharing an external perspective with a colleague from another institution.

The LEAP concept has simplicity at its heart. It envisages that the exchange has two parts.

Once the pairing of managers has been completed, they will contact one another to organise their reciprocal host days.

Part one sees the host manager (acting in a coaching capacity) establishing the issues and topics to be covered with their visiting colleague.  A suggested template for the day is provided below.

Part two sees the reversal of roles. The LEAP is designed to be as short as two half days.

The MSDP members will act as conduit and broker in reciprocal matching, seeking suitable pairings from within their institutions.

An added concept is to seek to utilise LEAP  to augment an institutions internal leadership programme.

Outline of a typical exchange visit