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Stellar Scotland Development Programme

Closing date for applications 20 February

Stellar Scotland is a strategic executive development programme for Diverse Leaders (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic – BAME) in Higher Education in Scotland. Modelled on the successful Imperial College, iLead, and the HEFCE’s funded Stellar HE programmes, it has been designed specifically to develop and implement leadership strategies that reflect the unique challenges and experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic academic and professional staff across the HE sector.
For more information visit the Stellar Scotland Programme Website

The next MPDG meeting is scheduled for 1 March
Further details of the event will be announced soon.

The MPDG Conference is scheduled for 2 days in the week beginning 21 May 2012.

The exact dates have yet to be finalised and the event team are meeting on 15 December at GCU, from 2-4pm.
We still require volunteers to help to organise things so please contact Melanie Armstrong if you can give some time.


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