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n June, the East Region Forum held its annual Fountains in the Sand workshop, facilitated by Jacqui MacDonald of IoE, University of London. This session was open to colleagues in other SDF groups and takes its guiding principle from the view that much of our professional learning takes place through exposure to new ideas and/or techniques, which we happen across sometimes by accident or in unusual ways.

Our regional forum groups are, by their very nature predisposed to learn from each other. The Fountains format gives an opportunity to cascade innovative development ideas and techniques to forum colleagues.

For the rest of the day we enjoyed a session on Mindfulness and a fantastic introductory session from Mythodrama, entitled, Lessons from Shakespeare’s Henry V. Well worth seeing if you have an opportunity to see them in action!

Everyone felt positive about the sessions and offered a big thank you to Jacqui for organising such a successful day. We look forward to another Fountains in the Sand next year.


Jane Hay

Eastern Region Joint Group Representative

Group Representative Profile -

Jacqui MacDonald

Jacqui MacDonald is a qualified teacher and a trained Careers Education and Guidance specialist and has worked in higher education as a lecturer and consultant for several years. She is currently Head of Staff and Organisational Development at the Institute of Education, University of London and is the Chair of the Bloomsbury Colleges staff development forum. Jacqui is the author of several publications. She is a trained mentor and coach and works on a voluntary basis for the Prince’s Trust. Jacqui is also a Justice of the Peace.


Jane Hay

Jane is an HR Manager: Learning and Development at Anglia Ruskin University. Along with others on the L & D team, Jane is responsible for the provision of staff development opportunities including personal and management development.

Jane previously worked as a Managing Consultant with a particular interest in conflict resolution. She worked as an external investigator for several years and is a trained mediator.


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