SDF Conference 2019 Review and thanks

by Rossana Espinoza 0

SDF Conference 2019 Review and thanks



Building bridges for emergent futures was held on 21 and 22 November 2018 in mighty and friendly Newcastle. This year Wendy Mason, the SDF Executive team and a bunch of colleagues from the conference committee had the endeavour of delivering this exciting conference for those lucky to attend it.  

Thanks to the fantastic collaborators, the SDF created a unique conference programme that provoked and challenged us to think differently and brought us keynotes, who inspired us with new ideas. Thanks to the SDF council who continues supporting us, especially Clive Betts and Meriel Box for helping us shape this conference back in May. 

With special thanks to Linda Robinson for many things, but specially, for helping us engage Prof Chris as an opening keynote and enlisting Tune’s Army, the student choir, who delighted us with their songs and took us all by the hand to close this exciting first day after the SDF awards. 


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On behalf of the Executive team I can say we were delighted to see and get acquainted with so many colleagues who attended the SDF conference for first time and meet a few ‘old friends’ from across the SDF regional networks. We are keen in hearing from you about your expectations, ideas and what you have appetite for, in SDF matters. Do get in touch with us. 

A huge thank you to our partner sponsors, many of whom also facilitated stimulating conference workshops. Special thanks go to Jo and Pete from Belbin for activating conversations on the collective identity of the SDF (read Jo’s blog here), Steve from Cylix for sponsoring the SDF Awards this year (Cylix Awards winners Durham, LJMU), David from Marshall for sponsoring the wine! (full list of sponsors). 

Our thanks, as always go to AdvanceHE, our founding sponsor, for their ongoing guidance and support. This year, we’ve been overjoyed to work alongside Amie and Joe from Vevox who showed us how it’s done. With their dedication and professional supportVevox helped us enhance the SDF conference audience engagement.  

Perhaps, it was the honest and open Keynote delivered by Prof Chris from University of Newcastle, or the rising star that is Jenny Garrett, Aurora keynote speaker (among other things!), or the provocations shared by Julian Stodd, who delighted us with his artwork and criticality in a well-received keynote to close the day.  

Or perhaps, it was Tune’s Army who invited us to enjoy their youthful melodies and appreciate the power of collaborative and talented people, or it was the wonderful location that gave us the opportunity to stand strong among those historic and beautiful bridges and take stock on how much we have achieved in one year. 

In our heart, however, we know it was you, the SDF community, that made the conference what it wasBecause without your participation and open-mindedness, the conference would not have been the success it was. The SDF continues renewing itself in membership and strategy, so does the SDF conference (Conference resources Day 1, Day 2).


We look forward to seeing you in November 2020 in Canterbury. 

Dr Rossana Espinoza, Co-Chair SDF

PS: Click through the photo album below to see what you missed

Building bridges for emerging futures