What is the collective behavioural identity of the SDF?

by Rossana Espinoza 0

What is the collective behavioural identity of the SDF?



It will soon be time for everyone to arrive in Newcastle for the annual SDF Conference. As main sponsors for the second year, we look forward to seeing you all again!

With this year’s themes including how we connect with, and learn from, each another, we are taking the opportunity to build up a picture of the culture within the SDF. By the end of the 2-days, we will have an idea of the collective behavioural identity of the SDF.

This information can facilitate collaborations; bring insight into why things work so well, and why things don’t!

To help build up this picture we have given everyone access to a free Belbin questionnaire. Please bring your generated Team Role Report to the conference and be prepared to share your top behaviours with everyone.

We ran this activity at a CIPD conference recently, and the resulting picture looked like this:



What will it look like for the SDF? Which will be least populated Team Role segment? Will there be any clusters? Or, more importantly, are there any Completer Finishers amongst you?!

We will analyse the results and feedback our thoughts and observations.


See you soon!


Jo and Pete | Belbin