Building bridges for emerging futures – Call for contributions is now open

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SDF Conference 2019

Building bridges for emerging futures

Call for contributions

Date: 21st and 22nd  November 2019

Venue: Hilton,  Newcastle



‘Northern legacy. The past is not just Kings and Queens, it’s those like me and you’. (Ian McMillan)

Follow the Angel of the North to this year’s SDF Conference in Newcastle. Surrounded by the beautiful coast line and the monumental bridges, Gormley’s sculpture reminds us to recognise the legacy that we, as staff developers, are leaving behind, to grasp the transition from an information age to an age of uncertainty and evolving challenges, and to serve as focus for our evolving fears and hopes.

Inspired by Northern poets, this is the time to celebrate, explore, connect and build. We invite you join us on this vibrant city in the north east, to embrace the strong winds of the north in the warmth of your remarkable network of professionals, giving you an opportunity to develop your own practice to the next level. Come and join us to explore together the power of being human when facing emerging futures.

This year’s SDF Conference will focus on five key themes:

  • Building connectivity: Build connectivity in times of continuous emerging technologies to help us surface from the silos;
  • Rise of the humans: Embrace the rise of the humans and how we can develop ourselves and others further with play, storytelling and active learning;
  • Learning playground: Explore tools, techniques and approaches in the safe environment of Staff Development Forum’s learning playground
  • Future scanning: Connect with other professionals to collate, make sense and take decisions from data and horizon scanning;
  • Celebrate collegiality: Celebrate the value of what staff developers and colleagues outside SDF and the sector do well to develop others.

These themes will be explored through active learning approaches in the formats of workshops, symposium, debates, Pecha Kucha presentations, learning playground activities (quick demos and trials), digital conference posters, our sponsors and exhibitors.

Session formats:

  • Workshops – 60 minutes
  • Symposium – 60 minutes
  • Debates – 30 minutes
  • Pecha Kucha – 20×20 format (20 slides at 20 secs per slide)
  • Learning Playground – 60 minutes
  • Digital Poster Presentations


17 May 2019


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Call for Contributions #SDFConf2019 form to download


Dr. Rossana Espinoza

SDF Communications Officer