Advance HE insights: Onwards & upwards?

by Rossana Espinoza 0

Onwards & upwards? Tracking women’s work experiences in Higher Education



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Onwards & upwards? Tracking women's work experiences in Higher Education 

This Onwards and Upwards study, gathers and considers the views and progression of women in higher education who have participated in the Leadership Foundation’s Aurora leadership programme. Using longitudinal mixed-methods research, it looks at career trajectories, aspirations and work experiences. A comparison group of women in similar university roles is being tracked over the same time period.

The themes emerging from the Year 2 data analysis revolve around two key areas: leadership approaches and practice, and institutional structures and practices. The study considers what is working or making a difference, as well as the challenges women face and what needs to change.

Year 1 Report

In December 2016 the Leadership Foundation released the year one report of the Aurora longitudinal study, Onwards and Upwards. 10 key conclusions have been drawn from the first year of the project which aims to track the experiences and leadership aspirations of women working in higher education over five years. You can access a summary of the initial findings here.