New Executive Masterclass for Leaders

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New Executive Masterclass for Leaders



‘Strategic planning in an uncertain world presents challenges for even the most experienced of higher education leaders.’


Richard Watson, The Futurist and facilitator of the first Executive Masterclass of 2017-18


The Leadership Foundation are delighted to launch our new Executive Masterclass series for senior leaders who are looking to refresh their thinking, reskill and develop new insights on topics they’ve always wanted to find out more about. These one-day events, with initial presentation and discussion, followed by a strategic-level workshop, have been designed to provide the latest thinking, tools and techniques. The subjects will be futurism, legal and organisational forms, and a session on wilful blindness, combating the silence around difficult issues.


The Executive Masterclass series has been designed through dialogue with senior leaders in higher education institutions and the Leadership Foundation’s senior leadership alumni.


Vijaya Nath, Director of Leadership Development, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, who will also co-present the Executive Masterclasses said: ‘We have launched our Executive Masterclass series at a time when senior leaders across all sectors including higher education face a new set of challenges. These challenges require new ways of thinking and an opportunity to test out adding new tools, skills and approaches with others facing similar challenges.’

The Futurist Led by Richard Watson
Wednesday 11 October 2017, London

‘Strategic planning in an uncertain world presents challenges for even the most experienced of higher education leaders.’
Richard Watson, The Futurist

Richard Watson is an author of five best-selling books on Futurism, his impressive list of clients includes Arla Foods, IBM, KPMG, London Business School and the Ministry of Defence.

Richard will be joined by Vijaya Nath (Director of Leadership Development, Leadership Foundation) through a lively and interactive masterclass which will enable participants to explore:

  • How to figure out what’s coming next
  • The burning questions that higher education will face in the next 15 years
  • Inventing the future

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Legal & Organisational Forms Led by Smita Jamdar and Dr Jonathan Nicholls
Thursday 7 December 2017, London

Changing your institution’s legal form? The creation of university groups, federations and strategic partnerships as well as mergers and acquisitions are options that you might already be considering. By attending the Legal & Organisational Forms Executive Masterclass participants will have:


  • Improved understanding of the range of legal structures available.
  • Improved understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each legal structure.
  • Consolidated understanding of the main legal issues that arise in each structural option.
  • Have a greater understanding of the main risks that arise from adopting each structure.


Join Smita Jamdar, Head of Education, Shakespeare Martineau and Dr Jonathan Nicholls, Director of Strategic and Policy Services (Education), Shakespeare Martineau for a strategic-level workshop with practical case studies and group work activities. Find out more here
Wilful Blindness Led by Margaret Heffernan
Thursday 15 March 2018, London

How do organisations think? Explore the all-too-human thought patterns including conflict avoidance and selective blindness, which can sometime lead organisations and managers astray.


Both in Europe and the US “85% of people know there are issues at work, but won’t say anything, that’s a lot of blindness,” explains Margaret Heffernan. At this Executive Masterclass you will find out what wilful blindness is and leave the session with an improved sense of how you can create a culture at your institution that combats wilful blindness.


Margaret Heffernan is a former chief executive officer of five businesses and author of the 2011 bestselling book Wilful Blindness: why we ignore the obvious at our peril. Margaret’s TED talks have been viewed over 6 million times The dangers of wilful blindness (March 2013), Forget the pecking order at work (May 2015) and Dare to disagree (June 2012).


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Mindfulness Led by Byron Lee

Thursday 26 April 2018, London


Building on the success of the Mindfulness in higher education conference, which took place in June and included contributions from mindfulness from Harvard Business School, Unilever, Bangor University and Monash University (Australia). Byron Lee will explore the benefits of Mindfulness teaching for both staff and student wellbeing, productivity and creating cultural change.


Byron is an educator, facilitator, coach and mindfulness teacher with 25 years’ experience working in the field of personal and organisational development. He is a Director at Happy City, a project aimed at radically changing the way institutions, cities and government’s measure and support what matters most to people in their lives. Find out more here


A fifth Executive Masterclass will be added to the series later in the year.


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